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Meet E. Grizzly


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Meet E. Grizzly


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We caught up with the brilliant and insightful E. Grizzly a few weeks ago and have shared our conversation below.

Alright, E. thanks for taking the time to share your stories and insights with us today. Let’s start with the story of your mission. What should we know?

My initial mission was just to manage shows for me and my friends. Me and my brother Marko Level were in a band called Alukard in Miami. That’s where we founded the AHA Network. Me and Marko would book and manage shows all over South Florida. AHA stands for artists helping artists. We just had the simple idea of paying it forward and helping our musician friends get shows. This idea has lead to so many other things though.

Since it gave me event management experience I was hired at convention centers around the country. I have to work in Detroit and San Juan next month. I also manage a restaurant called Viva Birria in NYC with my brothers Marcus and Carlos. AHA Network also lead me to radio. I currently do a radio show every Wednesday on 98.5 FM in Philly called Tall Talk with my brother Teef.

So yeah none of this was planned. We just started participating in the local scenes in Miami, LA, Philly and NYC. Then things started to happen in ways I couldn’t imagine.

Awesome – so before we get into the rest of our questions, can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers.

AHA Network is a management group that’s focused on music, art, food, radio and events in Miami, Philly and NYC. We’re technically a nonprofit. We’re not looking for customers or clients. All of the money made at events is split with all the artists involved. We still have the simple idea of artists helping artists which has lead to a lot of other opportunities in event management, radio and the restaurant industry. I would say the thing I’m most proud of is being able to do the things I love which is playing music, traveling, cooking and being a part of epic events.

We often hear about learning lessons – but just as important is unlearning lessons. Have you ever had to unlearn a lesson?

We had to unlearn the idea of “making it” in the music industry. Our first goal was to play shows and then we played hundreds of shows. Then we wanted to tour so we toured all around the country. Then we thought we got to get signed to a music label. We did that. We want music to pay the bills. We did that. It just always lead to the question “now what?” Obviously we’re no pop stars but almost everything we set out to do we did. So we should feel like we “made it” but it doesn’t feel that way. The closer we get to “making it” the further it seems to move away. And I’ve learned to be at peace with that. It’s all subjective.

What do you think helped you build your reputation within your market?

It’s interesting because there was a turning point for me personally. And I can’t quite put my finger on it. I just set out with this idea of paying it forward, being honest, having integrity, not making everything about profit and my life started to improve. I grew a trust worthy reputation in the event management field. I never managed a convention or a restaurant but people could trust me and I figured out how to do it. I never set out to be on the radio but Lateef and 98.5 Uptown trusted me and now I’m on the radio every week. People ask me to produce their albums or make art for them just because they know I can get it done. Yeah I am talented but alot of people are talented. I personally feel that the fruits of my labor have come from having integrity and being trustworthy. Showing up on time, looking decent, being honest and not being a jerk is like 70% of the battle.

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